Travelling with SERVAS

How to become a SERVAS traveller

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Costs - Fees

Why costs?
All SERVAS employees work voluntarily. Nevertheless, there are still costs that need to be covered, e.g. printing of host lists, phone calls, postage, office material, etc.
Furthermore, a part of the income is sent on to SERVAS International, in order to foster international contacts and to support the SERVAS representations that are in the process of being planned.

Contribution towards costs for travellers

The annual fee of Fr. 30.-- per host family includes the "Letters of Introduction" (LI) for all members of the host family. LI's are given out upon request only. They are valid for 1 year from the date of delivery.

Everyone else:
Travelling up to 12 months: Fr. 80.-- per person.

Before you travel with SERVAS

Internationally valid SERVAS rules

The following internationally valid SERVAS rules must be kept to absolutely: