According to the rules of SERVAS INTERNATIONAL, each person wanting to travel with SERVAS must fix a personal appointment with a SERVAS member. The same applies to people who would like to become SERVAS hosts. SERVAS members in Switzerland are usually people who have belonged to SERVAS for many years and are experienced SERVAS travellers and hosts. The interviewers’ list will be given to you with the documentation at the time of your application.

The interview is meant to get to know you better, as well as to check whether you have understood the idea and aims that are behind SERVAS and are able to identify yourself with them. At the same time, you have the opportunity of getting to know someone who is familiar with SERVAS; you can therefore ask any questions you might have and discuss possible doubts and uncertainties. You will be asked to observe some important points and to be aware of written and unwritten rules.

The interview must be face-to-face meetings; interview over the phone or in written form are excluded. Therefore, it is advisable that you contact your interviewer in time in order to fix an appointment. Count on 1-2 hours for the interview.