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How to become a SERVAS host

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Costs & Fees

Why costs?
All SERVAS employees work voluntarily. Nevertheless, there are still costs that need to be covered, e.g. printing of hosts’ list, phone calls, postage, office material, etc.

Furthermore, a part of the income is sent on to SERVAS International, in order to foster international contacts and to support the SERVAS representations that are in the process of being planned.
To contribute towards covering these costs, hosts pay an annual fee of Fr. 30.-- per host family.

Memorandum for hosts

SERVAS hosts usually grant travellers accommodation for 2-3 days, but feel free to let your guest stay longer if you wish. There is no obligation to do so on your part and the guests know that they shouldn’t ask for a prolongation of their stay themselves. However, there might be the usual "emergency"... in that case, the choice is up to you!

In general, as soon as they apply, SERVAS travellers are made familiar with the SERVAS concept. Do one more thing and your guest will notice that there’s more to SERVAS than simple accommodation!

There is no obligation on your part to provide your guests with full board. However, shared meals are a good opportunity to get to know one another and to exchange opinions. You might also let your guest cook once!

No worries – an air bed will be appreciated as much as a standard bed.

The application comes in written form or over the phone, whatever you wish! Be sure to indicate your preference on the list.

Unfortunately, some people always try to make YOU adjust to their own priorities. Don’t let them upset you – just refuse them! There are lots of other pleasant and interesting guests out there.

It is your duty to ask for the Letter of Introduction (LI). Only the people who can show this document are members and have been prepared accordingly.

You will receive the host list for Switzerland with our next dispatch. Should you once be unable to receive guests, you could always ring someone living close to you and recommend them. In emergencies, get in contact with Servas Switzerland (

SERVAS travellers are independent people. No worries in leaving them alone during the day! Obviously, suggestions will be welcome, since you know your area well. And you can always accompany them to places of interest if you feel like it and have time. Just remember that costs are to be shared (entries, meals, tickets, etc.).

The so-called «no show guest» are people who apply for accommodation and then don’t show up. These can be a small problem, but the main rule is not to get upset! If guests announce themselves a long time in advance or are vague about dates, don’t count on their visit – if they are really interested, they’ll be sure to contact you shortly before their arrival.

If there’s an international answer note in the application, a written reply is expected.