A Servas Vision [803 KB] by Bob Luitweiler 1918 - 2008 (Founder of Servas)


A Servas Vision [803 KB] by Bob Luitweiler 1918 - 2008 (Founder of Servas)


Peace, understanding, tolerance, social fairness; these are the values that SERVAS tries to achieve on an international level by encouraging contacts among people.

Trust and tolerance are fundamental in order to attain peace. They result from the mutual knowledge of the way of life and way of thinking of other populations.

People who have learned to respect mutual opinions through contacts with different cultures will take their time before showing a negative attitude in the case of someone reacting in an apparently inexplicable way. They will try to understand the problem in the first place and then will try to solve it together.

This is why SERVAS tries to bring together people of different origins and cast of mind, of different cultures and different skin colour: the aim is to get to know people from all over the world. And there are hosts in every corner of our planet ready to open their doors to SERVAS travellers and let them take part in their own lives for a couple of days.

On the other hand, travellers are mini-ambassadors of their own country and bring their own culture and religion into your cosy home. This is a lovely way of exchanging opinions. You are part of their lives for a couple of days!

Understanding and respect can be a contribution to a peaceful world.

SERVAS is sure about this!!