Servas Youth Languages Experience


The Servas Youth Languages Experience "SYLE" started as a concept during a meeting of Servas South America in Montevideo, Uruguay.
Pablo Chufeni (Rosario, Argentina) met Camile Costa (Sao Pablo, Brasil), both winners of the contest that Servas South America had organized. She was returning from Chile where she has been studying spanish and her brother want it too, but it was so expensive to Camile´s family. Then he thought about the potential of SERVAS as a human network ready to provide news opportunities to the youth without any cost, and focus in a growing culture for peace, taking languages as a bridge to aproach persons in Servas. Back in Rosario Pablo proposed this idea to the local group of his city and received plenty of support and enthusiasm. The program was designed and got the first trial experience in Rosario in 2005 when Nayara from Curitiba, Brazil went there into the frame of a SYLE. It was all possible thanks to the great group of Servas Rosario and the cooperation of the NS of Servas Brazil. W


The program was simply a hit and the next year, 2006, the program includes other two “Port Cities” Sao Pablo in Brazil and Mexico DF in Mexico. During the first international Servas Youth meeting called "Patagonia 2006", preparations to this second stage were made in several meetings with the young members present there from Argentina, Mexico and Brazil. During the SYLE 2006, each city had a local "Team Leader" that work directly with the International Youth Coordinator. Lilly Kerekes from Mexico DF, Marina Maluly Pacheco from Sao Pablo and Maria Jimena Zaeta from Rosario. They have done a great job.
And now we are thinking in the third stage. Very important countries are already in touch with us to start to work together and be include in the next SYLE. If you are interest please read the reports availabe and contact us.

Pablo Chufeni