What is the program SYLE

What is SYLE

Syle= Servas Youth Languages Experiences

Members between the ages of 18 and 30 years old have the opportunity to immerse themselves in another country. Living with different Servas hosts for one month, learning their language and experience a different culture.
As usual the Servas host will provide accommodations and daily meals. In return we would like you to provide something of your culture for example a traditional meal.
The coordinator in their respective countries
will contact you to discuss and devise a program of cultural, social and tourists activities. Maybe you in return will provide language lessons either typical or conversational or discussion of a certain subject.
Expenses for transportation and extra activities are ones own responsibility.

Interested? Please contact us

Pablo, the International SERVAS Youth Coordinator defines the program SYLE as follows:

The SYLE is for one month (4 weeks) at least the traveler and the local team leader coordinate a longer or shorter stay
The SYLE will offer an agenda with social, cultural and touristic activities, complementary to the languages classes program.
The SYLE will provide accomodation, meals and activities to the traveler with out any cost trough the Servas Network.
Servas Youth do not count with funds to cover any kind of transportation.

We invite young Servas member

Are you about 18 - 30 years old and interested in?

More background information, how it all began, you can here...

Learning a language - staying with locals

For young Servas travellers, Servas provides an opportunity to learn a language abroad and live with locals.

SYLE Servas Youth Languages Experiences

Syle - not only for young travellers - a report

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