Human Rights Council

It is the idea of peace that Servas has in common with the Human Rights Council of the UN. Since 1973, Servas has a status as observer at the UN. There are teams of Servas members in New York, Vienna and Geneva who follow the negotiations in various commissions.
The Human Rights Council has its meetings in Geneva. In this body, NGO's who are approved by the ECOSOC (Economic and Social Council) can actively express themselves orally or in writing regarding issues of the order of the day.

The Servas team in Geneva is currently formed by Catherine Burer Lehmann, Switzerland, Vreny Boesch, Switzerland, Magnus Adams, Germany, Lorette Dubout and Daniela Doenges, France and Danielle Serres, France and SI Peace Secretary . They are officially accredited as delegates of Servas International (SI). To be a delegate of SI in the Human Rights Council means:

to get familiar with the agenda of the Human Rights Council
to recognize the issues which are important for Servas
to be in contact with like-minded NGO's
to try to make statements, if possible together with other NGO's
and above all, to be at the right place in the right moment

At the end of the year, SI expects a report.

Servas members who would like to attend a UN session are expected to contact

write to Danielle at

Reports of Meetings

more information at Wikipedia or UN Human rights council

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