Reise nach Argentinien

Servas Argentina invites members to be part of the next Servas Meeting 2017 visiting Gran Chaco region in Argentina.

From June 16th to June 21st.

June 16: arrival to Formosa City and meet with people to share the rent cars to go to Las Lomitas (3 hrs drive) Hostal Portal del Oeste $300 x day (pesos argentinos)
June 17: Visit to El Bañado La Estrella with a a guide ($200 per person and includes a boat ride in the lagoon and visit to original communities ) Optional: visit to Soledad
June 18: Visit to Los Potrillos, Wichi community (3hrs drive, we´ll made a donation to the Fundation)
June 19: We´ll head to Los Bermejitos, to the Hotel Ecotour $250 x person (2hrs drive) town sightseeing , visit to original communities and a boat ride.
June 20: Optional : 1 day excursion to El Impenetrable ($2000 x person) we´ll drive 250 km in a 4x4 track.
June 21: leaving to Formosa city by 6hrs to take the plane by 11.30

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